Multimedia and Animation

The process of designing, making layouts and drawing and preparing its photographic sequence that is integrated...

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Different types of animation

You need to go through the details of the types of the animation techniques and styles...

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Multimedia and Animation


The process of designing, making layouts and drawing and preparing its photographic sequence that is integrated into the gaming products and multimedia is called animation. The field of animation is interesting and also for those who are very creative. It involves the management of still images and exploitation and generates the illusion of movement. The creators of animation or animators use computer technologies and capture the still images and then use them to animate them in the desired sequence.


This is a widely used term in the animation industry. It is a term that is used in order to represent the combination of the audio and the visual materials that has been gathered through various resources. These are then added in a single combination. The multimedia product could be anything. It could involve graphic arts, texts, animations, sound, and videos. Talk about it precisely and multimedia would relate to audio and visual materials that are used in a single presentation and that which can be played on the computer including the internet, CD ROM, web technology or a video or a data streaming projection.

There has been a lot of advancement in the entertainment industry that has gained a lot of heights because of the advancement in multimedia, animation, and graphics. Be it advertisements on television, model designs, cartoon serials and presentation, all of them use multimedia techniques and animation.

Different types of animation

The animation is broadly classified into two types. They are:

  • Traditional animation which is the hand drawn or the cel animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Computer animation which includes 2D and 3D animation

You need to go through the details of the types of the animation techniques and styles. This is important because it lets you know the path that you need to take in order to become an animator.

You should also not only know how to animate but also know the various genres of animation that is available on This is important to start animation and you need to know about the best schools and the best software to start animating.

Animation software

The animation software lets you create motion on a frame by frame basis. Each of these frames is a single drawing or an image. These frames are in most cases created within the software. Most animation software, however, allows the frames to be sourced externally. The frames are then put together and this allows them to be viewed in a continuous movie format. Once that is done the frame that is formed is transferred to a tape or a hard drive.

Animation software types

The animation software is broadly of two types. These are 2D dimensional that represents every image with only a height and a width. This means that any image you see is only flat. This animation type is used when creating shadows or shading much like in the popular show The Simpsons

The other animation type is the 3 dimensional or 3D. This represents the images with a height, weight, and depth. This offers real-life images. The 3D animation also is used for shadows, perspective, and shading.

There is a number of animation software available. The range goes from an open source to more than a thousand dollars per seat. Open source is where the software is freely available. It also offers the code that is used in order to create it.

The software also lets you create the movie with computer-generated images. However, over the years the technology used to capture images and the way it displays the images has changed manifold.

Traditional Animation styles

Traditional animation is also known as cel animation. This is one of the older animation forms. In this process, the animator draws each and every frame and creates the animation sequence. This is something that could be seen in the various flip books of olden times. The sequential drawing were screened quickly one after the other and this created the illusion of motion.

The animator draws the images on a transparent paper that is fitted on a peg. The animator draws using coloured pencil and the drawing is done one frame at a time. The animator tests the animation with rough drawings and this lets them see how many frames would be needed for the work action. The traditional animation method is costly as well as lengthy. The production would go ahead with photographing the frame after the clean up and the in between drawings are done. Today however traditional animation is done on a tablet or on a computer and it does not require individual frames or actual photography anymore.

You need to go through the step by step guide to become a successful animator. Even if you have never drawn before or have never used animation software, there are schools that help you become a professional animator. The schools can help you from making your demo reel, land up in your forts animation job to make a short animated film,

Professional video

To make a professional stop motion video, there are some of the best tools that can help you do the job. The comprehensive software can be used with a wide range of attachments. These allow you to control the lights and camera and also pull the focus. The tool gives complete control to the user over the lighting of the shot. It also gives an option to dim the light over different shoots. The tools also give you a keypad controller that lets you take easy control of the photo taking process. It also allows you to flip between the frames. Most of these tools support Windows and Mac OS

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